F O R  W H O  T U R N S  R E D  T H E  R E D  C A R P E T  O F  S F F ?


Thirteenth SFF is already behind us (and all subsequent lunging). Something more will remain its posters. Dirt under the red carpet will be washed with hoses, if it is not already. But alas! how and with what to wash away the shame that it causes in every citizen of this city having a bit of soul. A bit of shame. Because like other similar types of ventures in recent history, the SFF has met just the other ancient political imperative of lording the masses: BREAD & CIRCUSES! 

Examples of this abound. The citizens of Sarajevo can do nothing or almost nothing for Darfur, Rwanda, Palestine ..., to which action , or at least an ethical or political vigilance, they are invited by the films from documentary program of the Festival (the only followed by the authoress of these lines) ). But when it comes to that is talking about the movie "Fantasia", by the young Almir Arnautovic . . . 

One should shorten the story. Upon completion of the saga of "Sikter" all the youth of Sarajevo walked out of BKC's. There remain about twenty people to see Almir's documentary about Tuzla veterans suffering from post-traumatic syndrome. My initial anger with them dissipated a thought - they all are in some way victims of the PTS. But still, why at least their parents have not come to see in what condition live today Bosnian fighters for our today's some kind of freedom. And why our youth is not taught by no one that there is worse than worse. 

PTS, often accompanied by strokes, multiple sclerosis, what kind of more does not disease, did not choose for their sacrifice just Tuzla veterans. But it seems that only those victims found the strength to join the society, "Tombstone" (Old Town No. 1, Tuzla, phone 035 277 317, Mr President Alija Muratovic) their daily struggle 
- for mental healing through catharsis, through which they are led by their doctors; 
- for mere survival, through which they have to walk on their own, or with their comrades, and the members of their families, who also are extremely suffering; 
- for humanity in this inhuman time, through seconds of which they have to pass by fighting for every subsequent like for eternity . . . 

All this is recorded by Almir, I believe, with the secret hope to call to wake up, to warn, to bind ... Those whose children are driving, between wreck of their lives, in obscenely expensive cars, or making noise by their crazy . . . motors, primarily . And they are not few. 

Neither this text has a different intention from Almir's. Apart from the above address, the same victims of our indifference you might find on a Sarajevo address, if there would be in this city any psychiatrist intensely devoted to their group treatment . Perhaps the citizens of Sarajevo would then easily find the address at which they could sometimes devote themselves to the healing wounds, the redness of which should colour with shame the carpet of the following SFF, whose organizers (festivals of the film industry primarily) can not, well, allow your guests to torture themselves , with trotting hard Bosnian ground. (Perhaps Severina's stiletto heels would get broken, God forbid). 

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