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BIKINI & BURKA, two extremes of modern world, the first of which should represent a modern pro-Western woman, whose undressing constantly radicalizes in the name of freedom and human rights, and other supposedly fanatical Muslim woman, wrapped, and trapped inside a "male centric code", to who the first, a stripper, even uninvited, run to a gender help; while raising her voice to the TNT decibels. And all that jazz performed upon a democratic directives "from above", in order to, by the constructed anti-religious (read, anti-Islamic!) fuss, deconstruct the following naked truth. 

While the Bikini (or wider, a clothing of so-called modern women) is being sexy-designed, praised, recommended. . . , porno-merchandised, the Burka (i.e. Islam prescribed women clothing) is being anathematized, disgraced, politicized, criminalized. . . , bombarded. 

The authoress of this essay uses the opportunity to quote herself from an homage to a Philosopher, where her appearance caused almost palpable consternation, although she wore at the time slightly more "fundamentalist" dress from the one which can be seen now on her web (click: Biography). But alas! This Muslim/ah (in her age when Qur’an releases her from the obligation to wear a strict hijab) had already been well known to the audience for her two trials and imprisonments during ex-Yugoslav communist regime, the lot caused by her public, both spiritual and fashion commitment to Islam. 

What is interesting here is that my performance, as opposed to teachers’, was extremely well received by the few students participating in conference. My words from below were for them primarily a sign of intellectual freedom, which the philosophical colloquiums should be apt to, any way. 

Namely, before starting with my discourse, I said, in an atmosphere which would make a little less brave speechless or run away headlong, and in my defence, next:

"Modern woman is not one having her makeup or hair-dress on her head, but the one keeping Heisenberg’s “uncertainty principle" in her head." 

Things are apparently being radicalized in a communist way throughout Western, so-called democratic world. The confirmation came to me soon through the local and broader fate of this West-commissioned essay. 



There are two constants in the current global debates on religion, which are both in a serious relation with what we can call the women's' issues. We will list them together with their sub-constants: 
   1. That under the term religion 'is implied what is mutually shared as such by Abraham's religions',
1a) and while doing so only one of the members, i.e. Islâm, is being constantly given the terroristic tokens;
  2. That the 'deconstruction of religion', within a new science the 'Gender studies', is necessary in the process of contemporary
2a) as that deconstruction is primarily focused on Islâm, i.e. its followers. 
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