In Sarajevo, since 2007, is established the award with the name of ISA-BEG ISHAKOVIC. In Sarajevo, or only in a virtual, Internet Sarajevo, exists, or may not exist, a certain society called - CLEPSYDRA, which awards or not awards that prize.



If you click on Home, you agree that you are all the time accompanied by a given music. In the right corner are browsed to you all the faces of the previous winners from the country and from abroad (and you can not stop wondering, these are all quite serious people), but if you do not know English, you will need to quickly leave the page, because it's all in that language. If you click nevertheless the sub link Isa Bey Ishakovic Award:
awaits you a letter from which you will understand at least a very Bosnian signature at the bottom: Professor Amel Suljovic.

Professor? Of what? The character and his works you will remember if you used to visit Sarajevo Book Fair (at the time when it was not yet taken by Ay!din Sahinpasaic). He was selling, the professor who knows of what, and issuing, in these fairs, and again selling, and again issuing. . . ever until, all polished, he terminated, along with his works, on the podium of the Sarajevo National Theatre, with the shiny political elite, and with comprehensive support of

To cut it short, all about the prize that bears the name of an honourable, noble, pious. . . Founder of Sarajevo, Isa beg Ishakovic (so an insult to him is also our, and my personal insult), everything about the use of the name of the Founder of one truly urban unit (bathed in the fifteenth century with eight public hamams, while Europeans were suffocated. . . and now, alas! it is vice versa), all about using the name of that Sufis of the Khalwatiyyah order (as was also his successor, Gazi Husrev-beg, so Khalwatis - the loners - are the only legitimate heirs of their waqfs), so everything about the International Award by the Organization of one person is wholly

 v a g u e

Although a writer, I would not know how to translate that word with the one, and to cover everything describing Amel and Clepsydra and The award and those who are in hiding behind his feeble professorial back. So I suggest, and I can invite here only those knowledgeable in English, because Amel's Clepsydra does not speak another language! that for the description of the meaning of the term sought in the urban dictionary:

Urban dictionary (you must know English) for upper lexeme offers following explanation: It's when something, or someone is sort of non-specific about whatever it is that they might (or might not) be talking about, dealing with, acre. . . or what have you. Unless it 's not, which means that at some point it may or may not be. Time will tell.

Since in the description-non description there are also some dirty words, the interested may please contact the Google's translatoress, so will be at least - clued in.

P.S. Am I also kidding now with these maddened people!?! Or despair?! I am kidding! And dead serious am wondering, where to goes, where is rushing, with whom plays games without borders someone from the forehead, or over her back, of this nation, and her ever smaller state! Or does it with her natural dignity play somebody from over there, cheering, and sobering on her behalf!

No wonder. It is only The Most Just, warning. . . 

Clepsydra with the same usurped honourable name of the Founder of our city awarded Goran Bregovic in 2012 for the album "Alcohol".



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