Name: Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez
Date of birth and death: 09 15th, 1917 - 24. 03. 1980
Religion: Roman Catholic.
Country: El Salvador.
Death: of a martyr.

Time of the fighting: between the 1960s and 1980s, which find him since 1977 in the position of the Archbishop in his own country.
Friends: the oppressed, the poor, the dispossessed, the killed. . . El Salvador people, awakened and rebel priests like him.
Enemies: corrupt secular and religious leaders of Romero's homeland and the world's; leaders of the disruption of all human values under the titles-shells devoid of any semantic content.
Killers of Romero's nation and his own killers: El Salvador criminal junta, America and her criminal foreign policy which includes the support and arming and inciting the junta, then The Catholic Church under one of its historically already celebrated disguise.

Oscar Romero from a small town of Ciudad Barrios, El Salvador, was born on 15th September 1917. Escaping successfully the profession of a carpenter chosen for him upon his father's wish, he opted by his own deep inner urge of faith the fate of teacher of religion, and by the roused voice of a mature man, the role of untitled Voice and Leader of the revolt of the oppressed peoples of El- Salvador.

Way: between places which witnessed his human maturation, and his ever-growing rebellion. Ciudad Barrios. . . Rome. . . San Miguel San Salvador. . . , until 1974 when he is returned by the Vatican to a small rural diocese, and then in 1977 sent to San Salvador, in the role of the archbishop of the capital.

Romero's choice was not an expected commodity adjustment, fame and worldly goods, the high position of holiness, which often blind even those with the most clear view, but awakening himself and others instead, and unshakable struggle for social justice. As soon as he, by God's help and good example of his predecessors, truly opened his mind, Romero is no longer silent until his last breath. (Alas, who is keen to open his mind in true ?!).

Changed by the fight and deaths of his priestly colleagues or by misery and dead bodies found at municipal waste, or by the night cries of the frightened and hungry, or by the attested increase of the foreign aid to the domestic political, military, and economic mafia. . . ? All together! Change is inevitable, where the heart remains alive under the heavy habitat. The more awaken preachers of justice in God's name, the more is frenzy and hateful the authority, ruling in the name of Satan, who else's?!

Romero has already witnessed casualties among other bishops. His voice of silent rebellion changed to a crescendo. Radio station in his hand becomes "the very voice of God." He himself "The Voice of the silent." Or, those forcibly silenced down!

Soon the alike replaced the same. Political tricks. New disappointment in a real coup, and in the World Policeman. "We are fed up with guns and bullets," writes the Voice of poor Latin American nations to The Great Chief of The European America. Got watered only the sky. The ice of the injustice ever thickening. . .  Shot in Romero during the Mass, on March 24, in 1980, said all what "the big" and "the powerful" had to say in the response.


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