́ARFU`L- ́IRFÂN / SWEET SMELL OF GNOSIS is the book resulting from 4, 5 years of intensive work on the project under the general title: THOUGHT & PRAXIS OF ONE AND WHOLE. This multi-disciplinary work has only seemingly theological subject matter: (Islamic) Ritual prayer. I say "Seemingly" because the Gnostic discourse in which it has been elaborated on 368 pages (folio, i.e. A4 format), shows that Prophetic prayer in general and last one - muhammadan - being finalization & synthesis of all earlier ones, is equally philosophical, as well as mathematical theme; the subject of cosmology as much as human history; in equal measure the topic of astrophysics, biology, medicine, as well as atomic physics and quantum mechanics. .., to the astonishment of this author herself, whose "Sarajevo revelations" are the book's very nucleus. 
Completed (Islamic) Ritual prayer, as it is shown on these pages in an exact way, and illustrated with 260 colour diagrams, has the structure identical to the atom's, or cell's, or Universe's ..., depending on whether we look at it on sub- atomic, atomic, molecular, or on the level of such complex and highly developed system as Universe. Being as such, it confirms itself to be a perfect DNA of the (Created) Universe, whose holograph is the Qur`ân, while the cosmic temple of Ka ́bah is its hologram. It is also a perfect DNA of the Universal Performer of the Prayer to The Only God, Universal Man, depicted in the celestial character of Muhammad-Ahmad (s). The last of God`s Prophets, who unifies, in his diamond square form the shapes and contents of all previous Prophets, Books and Temples. In the only form sharing with spherical Divine paradigm the same centre and chords. The only one having a Circle inscribed within itself, but still being included in it, in the endlessly open prospect of Coming into Existence, and endlessly open chance of Cognizance. 
Role of Arabic letters and grammar in spiritual and chemical construction of Universe, thus linguistic and chemical table of elements; function of Cross of Existence- Essence/Existent, as Universal crucifix around which is being quantized the system of all created things; Heissenberg's "Uncertainty Principle" making relative classical atomic image of the World, i.e. the criteria of the observer in the final, Divine, truth; experiments with teleportation of an atom from one to another side of a laboratory, or country, or World, as an exact illustration of eschatological religious teachings on Resurrection; fission and fusion of atom, as illustrations of "The Big Bang" i.e. Creation of the World, and its future disappearance, foretold by qur'anic ayahs and Modern Science likewise; the role of geometrical forms as essential, and their part in procreation of all created beings, paradigmatically corresponding with The Perfect Divine names - the ideal noumenon; history as Human finalization of Divine Celestial project, and Human's responsibility for his life and his afterlife, etc, are just some of the topics discussed in this book. In the manner characteristic to the Islamic gnosis, ́irfân, whose discourse flows in parallel with the author's cognitive process and exact vision, which differs this highest understanding from its Western synonym. 
In the conclusion to the book SWEET SMELL OF GNOSIS, it is possible to say that all sciences, to which 'irfân is basic and crowning one, speak of the essentially same things, only in different languages. One and Oneness, no matter in which sphere or dimension we discuss it, is in fact Transcendental, i.e. Metaphysical nucleus of Existence, (Absolute) Necessity of the entire Existence, and, as a such, divinely insured against any human damage. Professing that Oneness and Unity, in any of the aforementioned languages, is in the area of Atomic coat, i.e. in the sphere of the Necessity-roofed- Freedom, and that is whence relativity of our human insight comes. 
This book, written in a manner of a professional author, is in no way meant exclusively for Muslims, nor only for the praying ones, but for all reflective people, especially younger generations. Equipped with Internet links to the corresponding scientific references, this is the work introducing its reader into Scientific Universe, which is the property of the humanity as whole. 
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