There are two constants in the current global debates on religion, which are both in a serious relation with what we can call the women's' issues. We will list them together with their sub-constants: 
    1. That under the term religion 'is implied what is mutually shared as such by Abraham's religions',
1a) and while doing so only one of the members, i.e. Islâm, is being constantly given the terroristic tokens;
  2. That the 'deconstruction of religion', within a new science the 'Gender studies', is necessary in the process of contemporary liberation of woman, 
2a) as that deconstruction is primarily focused on Islâm, i.e. its followers.


But alas! How unreliable constants! While articulating her outcry, the author of this essay (or authoress, if one prefers so!), expresses by it at the same time her regret for, due to limited time and space of this review*, having not a chance of their broader and comparative explanation. She will rather, instead of it, and with the same limitations constantly in mind, talk about the above 'constants' and 'sub-constants', which are both scientifically, politically, and media in, only from the standpoint of Islâm, with which they are, after all, particularly concerned. 

Therefore, alas! Because, although generously admitted into Abraham's family of religions, both, Islâm, that is, the texts on It, are being still printed from the ancient stereotypes. Its own almost hysterical media and political actuality, It still owes, not to a better knowledge of Itself, which would necessarily reveal the historical role of Islâm, i.e. the Qur'ân, as a completion and synthesis of all previous Revelations, but to the resurrected crusades’ mantra 1 , imprinting it into the consciousness and subconscious of the contemporaries as a generator of fear and horror, before anything. 

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