In the name of Alllâh, The All Compassionate, the Merciful

Indeed, my prayer and my sacrifice, my life and my death,
belong to Alllâh, The Lord of worlds.

The Holy Qur'an, al-An'âm, 6:163


Dedicated to a Palestinian boy
who was first to throw a stone on Goliath of the 20th century.

Kayhan Kalhor, SYMPHONY FOR PALESTINE Please, if watching full video, shift to YouTube!

n o t e :

At that time I still knew nothing about Aristotle. A tragic drama as a tool of ethical purifying people through fear and clemency I learned much later. But even at that early time of my ignorance on art and philosophy, I discovered the existence of cathartic dreams. I have long dealt with mine only, until I suddenly discovered the ability to read these strange codes of the future with other people. The skill consists in a regular arrangement of the moral informations that to the dream give the corpus of the past and present, creating a future enigma of life. Aristotelian drama, which requires directing, stage, scenery and actors, all of its artificial requisites, revealed to me in its cathartic ability as inferior to dreaming. And that this life is a ta'wil, a hermeneutical realisation of the natal dream, possessing a cathartic potency, I have learned from the Prophet of Hope, Muhammad, blessings and peace of Alllâh upon him, and his Holy family! The Superb doctrine which taught me The Last Prophet of Islam, qualifies me for the awakening in a true reality.

Cathartic dreams are multiform and, alike a play, are always centered around a theme or personality. In this collection of cathartic dreams of people and things from different times and spaces, Persona somnia will be a tiny piece of the Earth's globe, place where perhaps Secret most removed the veils from Its faces, the spot where a human life is happening like the most horrible scene, but at the same time the most amazing realia of the Creation. Al-Quds, Palestine, quranic toponyms to which the Divine wisdom granted one of the most sacred testimonies: to be a place of the Ascension, in all its material certainty, of the most perfect human creature, Muhammad (s), to the top spheres of the Transcendent.

In the name of Alllâh, The All-Compassionate, the Merciful
Glory be to Him Who in the course of the night
transferred His slave from the Holy Temple to The Distant temple
whose surroundings We have blessed,
that We might show him some of Our signs.
Indeed, He is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.

The Holy Qur'an, al-Isrâ',17:1

It is important not to get lost in narrating. Dreams can not stand chattering literary descriptions. They are summarised event killing or morally resurrecting a dreamer, depending on the participation in a dream of a hateful human ability - the remorse. Happy is he who is acquainted with the power of purification! Death after a cathartic dream is certainly not a sign of its absence rather a fully presence. But these latter cases of cathartic dreams, from which a dreamer no longer wakes up in a readership reality, have one indecipherable code, whose unravel would be equal to the unraveling of the secret. In places where such decryption is missing in this book, I will call to help a writer. His participation is not necessarily with the help of imagination. In the case of one, turning hist face to Qiblah, it is possible the power of the truest inspiration.

What is needed for life, is necessary for a book too. One should start from the beginning, conceive the track, and its end leave to the hope. That is why we will in this dream-book, which possesses a virtuous talk of a child, just as in life, only travel. 

What is needed for life, it is necessary for a book too. One should start from the beginning, conceive the track, and its end left to the hope. That's why we will n this dream-book, which possess a virtuous talk of a child, just as in life, only travel.
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