A B O U T  G E N U I N E  T R U T H

Loving Heart outweighed the scales of imagination
Eternally looking, like Qays, for Leyla in the world's vast expanse

Ashik is one yearning only The Unique Being
What is to the man attractive except Haqiqah

R U B A ' I   A B O U T  ' A L I

Embellishment of the stage of holiness, Water Carrier of Kawthar , 'Ali
One leading believers from the pulpit , 'Ali

Endowed with secret training, conqueror of Khaibar , ' Ali
Source of hiden knowledge, Prophet's son-in-law , 'Ali

I N S T R U C T I O N S  F O R  T H E  P E R F E C T I O N

Perfect man, neither day or night drops a dervish's skirt
Do not consider an honour a perfect eye of a charlatan 

Beware grumbling of that pretender
Does money turns to gold with a forger

G A Z E L  I I

The mantle of solitude on me is the pride's clothing
Serving Unity for me is eternal happiness

Spiritual satisfaction, in dark, such a light
That appearance of the sun to me isn't greater than dust particle 

With wine of despair my intoxication is so great
That comforts me neither Jamshid's cup of drink 

Such is my calamity and such a misfortune
That even roses of hope smell to me as hopelessness

O intrigue, to you belongs the land of the capricious
Do not press, release dervish from your hold

To me, for a song, is all the same any valley
That Fadil imitates him, who can talk

The crown of honour and pride is Sikke Mawlana
Here it is where from comes my renewal's cloak


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