Patient! Let winter still slowly
replace the autumn: everything, by name
takes place
under permanent law

Tread in silence
as if you have nothing to say
In your hump
ridden by the star-gazers
fancying that there, by them
passing the worlds
(guardian of their dreams) 
is stored the pain of those
who go afoot. An envious look
lifts skyward
while the hand hastens to the earth
Snake homeland where darts the Lie
and the curse is imputed to
the Eternally Alive

You will stop when every question
reaches the One Having the answer
And then, in a common cradle
(as the public which once
used to get drunk with ignorance) 
will wake up those who
imagined this world as a frolic
amusement, or a dream

You will not find among them the learned. They
traversed on foot the path
which ones will remember but
as a nightmare

Endure for the last time their torture
when they, thirsty, get wish to
from your hump, drink sweet juices
knowing not that they arrogantly sat
on them, and that therefore
they will never, as you will
at the Face, The Most Beautiful

(sky camel

k n o w l e d g e  b e h i n d  a  d r e a m
When everything has already been
and Eternal Mercy (towards whose nearness you steal
as once towards warm mother lap
and you were ready to start crying)
transforms the wince on your face
into, oh how gentle! smile (exactly as deserved
spread like a shade over the heat of your life
which you should once more after a long
dream, remember) you see:
precisely sized, you wore the robe
tailored for you
unjustly lamenting that embroidery at its hem
shortens your step
of which you were even incapable

Too instructively sound these words
and their dictate cut once like a diamond
a vitreous nature of your self-love<br>
But the word is about what cannot be said
Only from a larva a butterfly develops
and it has just the colour
that the larva hides
(knowledge behind a dream)

Sarajevo, February, 1982
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