First landscape - A sacred room [1]

To be let in, might be both: 
curse or blessing, alike 
depends on point of one's own choice 

A swirl of an atom 
in love with its own circles 

A turn left and its right turn 
in less than a single wink 

An ascend 
and a descend 
- turns to all four sides 
and always one – invisible 

From above, curse or blessing 
I meant two 
since two's still not multiplicity 

For, Creator and Creation are still 
One and The One of His

One is to add to these two, a third 
and here we are, many a one 
in ranks

A sacred room
if one ponders fair enough
is but a life itself
in its holly turn right and down
up and left
an atom's swirl-alike
like a mawlavi celestial dance
in love for Unity
denying separation    

While space gives everything a chance at least  
Time eats all away 
in a single gist of living 
like a mother-bee's of a swarm 
from where, here it is 
develops a holly butterfly 
already knowing its life span 
making no more then a day 

One and a single day 
never longer 
but what's a Creator's day? 

Why to guess if He Himself has offered us 
- a count 

"Our day makes fifty thousand years[2] of your counting" 
Do not proud then!
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