Summary: Political theatre, by its very prefix, implies a serious spiritual and social engagement concerning all people. Therefore, it must dictate to itself fairness towards the different/ly/thinking as a high-civilizational acquisition. In such a context, even in situations of the "divorce", art is not, nor may behave as a spoiled child, an "enfant terrible" of Culture, latter being, even if invisible, always an outcome of different and often conflicting forces. Hence comes all reasonableness of the question, both realistic, and artistic: who is to blame    


To answer this question, artists should, first of all, become believers. If they are not want to believe in a Single Indivisible Absolute God and in His Prophets, may peace be upon them all! i.e., according to some, in God incarnated in His Son, then they should "worship" an unwritten agreement: on the collective owning of the planet Earth. And on shared responsibility of the believer’ and unbeliever’ alike for her fate.

In order to understand the above "unity", there the artists who (just like many politicians & military leaders) never to decide to learn how to read the history of religions. Since they do not, it happens that in their performances, a mahjûbah, i.e. according to the Islamic law a clothed woman happens to be raped by Jesus, taken down from the cross, who is, in fact, in her Islamic belief, one of the sinless God's Prophets, on whom she invokes peace!

Because they don't, they fail to, for the persecution and raping Muslim women, instead of Christian God rather accuse a phenomenologist of the "Absolute Spirit", i.e. Hegel himself! Who bequeathed to Europe and later (with Marx-reformed communists) to the rest of the Planet, CAPITAL: she has to, piously, believe that he personally, and with him his nation and entire European civilization & culture, is nothing but in him realized Spirit. In political language saying, God & the stick to the rest of the World, all this being so ever since his German epiphany until Judgment Day (if that one has at all to happen, for it looks like already being well underway!).

Hegelian divine Eurocentric Absolute had to stretch from, for example, somewhere there the planet Saturn (in the sign of whose beauty I was born at the fascist start and communist end of 1945), up to Sarajevo (the city of my birth), full of assassinations & wars, prepared for it by that - European grounded - divine epiphany every a while. Therefore, here I am, from the boards of that Stage, from Ferhadia (Mosque and street), near the Cathedral, humbly sending message to Frljic, and the bunch of human rights fighters hiding behind him:
- that, in this city, there are happily "veiled" followers of Islam (The Submission to One God), and besides (God forgive them!) writers and intellectuals pushed successfully by Communism & Democracy and Saud-ized Sunnism & Iran-ized Shiism and by the artists’ egos foamed as yeast, at the margin of the European & Balkan & Bosnian & Sarajevan artistic one, likewise the life in general;
- that, as being such, they reveal a hidden hypocrisy of the plays of the above established guilt;
- as to which all could, perhaps, possibly be Ok-ed, if only has Oliver, from the Cross, with the task of harassing a Muslim woman, lowered Hegel and/or Marx, instead of Jesus Christ a.s.![1]
- and had not he, by abruptly taking off her head-covering, namely hijaab[2], stuffed into her head his own idea of a nuddy freedom!

But, alas, both yes and is not so (only in a reverse order)! If it were not, reason is that two "virtuous absolutes", Hegel & Marx, inspired philosophers, and consequently politicians..., artists and their (according to some already deceased) art: to understand religion only from papers! From handbooks, press, political and propagandistic philosophical trash! Sending into exile of their conscience and arts those who think, believe, and perform - differently.


[1] May on him be peace!
[2] Hijaab, meaning a cover, is a general term for the style of clothing of the female followers of Islam, implying covering head and body.

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