Is there anyone from among you capable to feel shame?
Is there anyone to be startled?
Are you really capable of feeling shame?

asks none other than shameless one from bellow, on behalf of the shameless!

(Here under my title and after my comments, you can find a great Fisk's analysis of a calling to shame, artistically acted in the UN by Samantha Power, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, in which the same one is hissing at Syrian regime and its allies over the situation in Aleppo).   

Does anybody remember who "guarded" Srebrenica when she "fell" on "July, 1995?! For those who are able to remember the answer is: The Dutch Battalion! Peacekeepers of the UN!!!! But in Bosnia, and Herzegovina as it is understood! with-self-satisfaction-drunk-newspapers and journalists think for you, think that they think the politicians too, and the eternally drunk journalists, and the self-admiring religious communities, and foreign God knows of what kind not  organizations, and Belgrade Natashas and domestic NGOs, and which not  charlatans from around the globe?! 

Why then Samantha sends her slaps all around the world! A pure drama of shame and folly! But good old Robi gives up not, an honourable journalist Robert Fisk, who is in Bosnia barely known, to the same spokeswoman of the American madness, in the midst of the puppetry United Nations, answers back this way:

"So there was Samantha Power doing her 'shame' bit in the UN. 'Is there no act of barbarism against civilians, no execution of a child that gets under your skin, that just creeps you out a little bit?', America’s ambassador to the UN asked the Russians and Syrians and Iranians. She spoke of Halabja, Rwanda, Srebrenica 'and, now, Aleppo'.

Odd, that. For when Samantha talked about 'barbarism against civilians' in Aleppo, I remembered climbing over the dead Palestinian civilians massacred at the Sabra and Chatila refugee camps in Beirut in 1982, slaughtered by Israel’s Lebanese militia friends while the Israeli army – Washington’s most powerful ally in the Middle East – watched. But Samantha didn’t mention them. Not enough dead Palestinians, perhaps? Only 1,700 killed, including women and children. Halabja was up to 5,000 dead. But Sabra and Chatila certainly 'creeped me out' at the time.

And then I recalled the monstrous American invasion of Iraq. Perhaps half a million dead. It’s one of the statistics for Rwanda’s dead. Certainly far more than Srebrenica’s 9,000 dead. And I can tell you that Iraq’s half million dead 'creeped me out' rather a lot, not to mention the torture and murders in the CIA’s interrogation centres in Afghanistan as well as in Iraq. It also 'creeped me out' to learn that the US president used to send innocent prisoners off to be interrogated in... Assad’s Syria! Yes, they were sent by Washington to be questioned in what Samantha now calls Syria’s 'Gulags'.

Funny old world. Samantha, God bless her, didn’t mention Gaza, where quite a lot of Palestinian children have been killed by the Israelis. Nor Yemen, where America’s head-chopping allies are now dissing the Shiites and have killed almost 4,000 civilians. Nor the mass killings by Isis in Mosul. Nor – most oddly of all – did Samantha mention 9/11. Here, surely, was an international crime against humanity worthy of mention in Samantha’s roll call of shame. 3,996 innocent dead. A must-be, you’d think, for throwing at the Syrians and the Russkis and the Iranians.

But no. For there’s a wee bit of a problem there, isn’t there? Because the 9/11 bloodbath was carried out by al-Qaeda. And al-Qaeda in Syria has changed its name to al-Nusra and then to Jabhat Fateh al-Sham and – well, it’s al-Sham (alias Nusra, alias al-Qaeda) that’s been fighting against the Syrian regime in eastern Aleppo. A bit difficult, you see, for Samantha to express her horror over the most terrifying attack on her country in recent history – talk about 'barbarism against civilians' –  when the very criminal 'jihadi' organisation which committed this outrage is, yes, in eastern Aleppo fighting against the Syrian army.
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